Carrot Cake

Difficulty Level:

  1. Grate carrots and set aside
  2. Measure out and prepare all other ingredients
  3. Mix eggs and sugar until completely mixed
  4. Add vegetable oil and mix
  5. Mix the flour, baking soda, salt and cinnamon together and then add to the mixture. Mix until mixture is uniform.
  6. Add carrots and continue to mix (not too much)
  7. Place in over 160º for around 40 minutes. Check if cooked through with a knife or skewer. Remove or continue to bake accordingly.
  8. Prepare icing. In a separate bowl mix all the ingredients (at room temperature) with a whisk until desired texture is acquired. If required, add more milk or cream cheese accordingly.
  9. Place icing on top of cake after it has cooled (if not, it will melt).
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Carrot Cake
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