Chicken and Rice Croquets

Difficulty Level:

  1. Boil the rice in water. Once soft, add cold water to stop the cooking process and to allow for you to be able to hold the rice
  2. Fry the chicken until completely cooked
  3. Mix the cold rice, chicken together in a bowl
  4. Season with the salt, pepper and oregano (to your liking)
  5. Make even sized balls using your hands and then make a hole in the centre with you finger
  6. Insert a cube of cheese in the hole and then cover with rice (you want the cheese to be in the middle of the ball)
  7. Beat the egg until smooth and even.
  8. Drop the croquets firstly into the flour and cover surface completely. Remove excess flour and then place into the egg, wetting them completely, then using a fork remove them and place them into the bowl of bread crumbs and cover them completely.
  9. Fry them in hot oil (150º) until golden brown.


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Chicken and Rice Croquets
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